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Bob Krist, Retired Air Force Officer and State Senator Announces Campaign for Nebraska Governor

“Voters are fed up with partisan politics that divide us rather than unite us.” LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Bob Krist, a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force, says he is running for governor because Nebraskans want a strong, independent leader who will lower taxes and make state government more efficient. “Voters are fed up with partisan politics that divide us rather than unite us. Partisan bickering in Washington has spread to our nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature , and our current Governor has worsened the situation by personally bankrolling challengers to senators who don’t vote right down the line with him,”...

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Nov 30, 2017

Sen. Bob Krist says Ricketts Administration slow to​ ​comply with 2015 Nebraska Safe Drinking Water Act

“Taking two years to implement important water safety regulations​ ​is no way to run government” LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Bob Krist, candidate for Nebraska Governor, said today that the Ricketts administration has been slow to enact regulations relating to the testing of drinking water in Nebraska. Introduced in 2015 by Sen. Krist and passed unanimously by the Nebraska Legislature in February 2016, LB19 changed procedures for the Director of Public Health to certify and enter into agreements with private laboratories to test water for human consumption.

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Nov 09, 2017

Sen.​ ​Bob​ ​Krist:​ ​“Gov.​ ​Ricketts​ ​budget​ ​cuts​ ​risking​ ​state’s​ ​most​ ​vulnerable”

“This is what happens when one of the richest and most powerful Nebraskans attempts to represent the poorest and weakest” LINCOLN, NE – In prepared remarks for a town hall meeting on development disabilities tonight in Norfolk, Bob Krist, Nebraska state senator and candidate for governor, says extreme budget cuts by Gov. Pete Ricketts is risking the well being of the state’s most vulnerable citizens.

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Oct 17, 2017

Krist Solution Our State Needs

“Electing Krist would send a clear message that Nebraskans want results, not the same old Republican vs. Democrat squabbles. Property tax needs to be addressed, our prison system is broken, and unfortunately partisanship has weakened the independence of our nonpartisan Unicameral.” Nathan Leach, Kearney Kearney Hub, October 17, 2017

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Oct 06, 2017

Opinion from Scottsbluff Star-Herald Looks Favorably on Krist Campaign

Greg Awtry, publisher of the Star-Herald, shares his insights on Bob Krist's campaign for Governor of Nebraska.

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Oct 01, 2017

Ricketts Vulnerable to Strong Challenge in 2018; Voters Open to New Voices

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts begins the 2018 election cycle with lukewarm political standing and may be vulnerable to a strong challenge from a non-conventional challenger. According to a recent survey of likely voters in next year’s election, more voters are inclined to support someone new for Governor than say they would re-elect the incumbent.(1) Independent voters in particular have soured on Ricketts and there is an appetite for a candidate who exists beyond the boundaries of the traditional two-party system. The following are some key findings from this survey:

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Sep 28, 2017

Sen. Bob Krist to Pilot Hurricane Relief Operations to Puerto Rico Rescheduled Statewide Tour Dates Announced

“Obviously, this takes precedent over politics.” LINCOLN, NE – Nebraska State Sen. Bob Krist, a retired Lt. Colonel in the United States Air Force, is scheduled to fly emergency hurricane relief and recovery efforts to Puerto Rico in the next few days.Krist’s company, Omaha-based Dyna-Tech Aviation Services Inc., has provided air service for the Corps of Engineers since 2001 and is on-call to pilot U.S. Army Corps of Engineers personnel on flights from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to the devastated island.

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Sep 20, 2017

Sen. Bob Krist Statement Regarding Latest Prison Escape

“Yet another example of what an overcrowded prison system means for the safety of all Nebraskans.” LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Bob Krist, made the following statement late Wednesday regarding media reports that a Nebraska State Penitentiary prisoner escaped after overpowering a deputy while being transported to Dodge County and fled in a stolen government car west of Ithaca in Saunders County.

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Sep 03, 2017

Disabilities provider cuts back services in northeast Nebraska

"There are reductions in services across the board, and when you get out in the D and D community as I have, I'm seeing it," Krist said. Krist was one of the senators who fought to override the governor's veto. Next session Krist plans to offer three bills to restore funding to developmentally disabled services and make sure the payments are adequate. "If we take care of these people here and keep them at home, it will create a better atmosphere both for the human being and the family as well as the long term keeping them out of those...

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Jul 23, 2017

Bob Krist, pursuing 3rd-party candidacy, prepares for uphill battle against Ricketts

State Sen. Bob Krist has no problem operating independently. He’s pushed back against his political party for its influence on the nonpartisan Legislature, and he’s clashed on some issues with the governors with whom he has served. The Omahan is showing his nonconformist streak again as he parts ways with the GOP and attempts to unseat Republican Gov. Pete Ricketts. Krist plans to take on the challenge as a third-party candidate. The 21-year veteran of the Air Force says he’s “always had a problem with someone telling me where I should be.” “If you constantly think the groupthink, you will...

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