Meet Bob Krist

A Principled Leader For Nebraska

Bob Krist

Senator, Veteran, Husband, Father

Sen. Bob Krist, a retired veteran of the U.S. Air Force, flying more than 100 combat sorties during his 21-year military service, is running for governor because Nebraskans want a strong, independent leader who will lower taxes and make state government more efficient.

“Voters are fed up with partisan politics that divide us rather than unite us. Partisan bickering in Washington has spread to our nonpartisan Nebraska Legislature, and our current Governor has worsened the situation by personally bankrolling challengers to senators who don’t vote right down the line with him.”

Sen. Bob Krist
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News & Updates

Bob Krist & Lynne Walz head to Bridgeport, NE for Property Tax Reform Town Hall

“Farmers, ranchers and homeowners across Nebraska are hurting”MILLARD, NE  AIRPORT– After securing the nominations for Nebraska Governor and Lt. Governor, Sen. Bob Krist and Sen. Lynne Walz told a crowd in an airport hanger near Omaha that the debate of the future of of the state begins today in a small town in Western Nebraska.“Today begins a debate about the future of Nebraska. And in my opinion there can be no better place to begin this discussion than in Morrill County, Nebraska. That is where we are headed today, and where we will begin our campaign to restore the future...

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May 11, 2018

Sen. Bob Krist criticizes Gov. Ricketts’ for double standard in use of private funds

“In what universe is it okay for private funds to go to felons, but not school children?"

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May 10, 2018

Krist–Walz Campaign primary election night celebration at Omaha neighborhood tavern

LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Bob Krist, candidate for Nebraska Governor, and Sen. Lynne Walz, candidate for Lt. Governor, will celebrate their Primary Election victory on Tuesday, May 15 at the...

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May 01, 2018

Lynne Walz, Fremont State Senator and former educator, is Krist choice for Lt. Governor

Nebraska State Sen. Lynne Walz of Fremont, was introduced today by Sen. Bob Krist as his choice for Lt. Governor in their bid to win the Democratic primary and face...

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Apr 30, 2018

Sen. Bob Krist to announce Lt. Governor choice

Sen. Bob Krist will announce his choice for Lt. Governor on Tuesday, May 1. Details below.

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