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Sen. Bob Krist: Gov. Ricketts has failed to lead on property tax relief​ ​while wanting to cut taxes for the rich

“We have two very different sets of priorities and attitudes toward state government.”

LINCOLN, NE – On his last day on the floor of the Nebraska Legislature after ten years of service, Sen. Bob Krist, said today that Gov. Pete Ricketts has squandered the opportunity to solve the property tax crisis by insisting on cutting taxes for the most wealthy Nebraskans.

“From the day he stepped into office, Pete Ricketts has demanded special tax breaks for the rich while abandoning the rest of us. In fact, the Governor’s tax reform bill, LB 947, would have resulted in as much as a $13 million windfall to his dad's company,” Krist said.

“The governor’s plan called for cutting the corporate income tax rate from 7.81 to 6.84 percent, resulting in a corporate tax cut of as much as $13 million by 2023 for TD Ameritrade, Ricketts’ family business,” Krist said.

Krist said while the governor has emphasized cutting taxes for the rich, his proudest moments during the past 10 years came while defending the most vulnerable against excessive budget cuts.

“In 2017, my colleagues and I fell three votes short of the support we needed to restore extreme cuts in funding that Gov. Ricketts vetoed for Medicaid service providers that serve the elderly and people with developmental disabilities. While we were not successful that day, I was proud to stand and fight for the most vulnerable Nebraskans. That moment was a highlight of my 10 years of service to my district and our state,” Krist said.

“My wife Peggy and I are blessed with a special needs daughter and we understand that there are times when people need a helping hand. It wasn’t always easy and we had a lot of help and support along the way. It’s one of the reasons I have been so disheartened at the cuts Governor Ricketts has made to services for our special needs community. It’s heartless and cruel,” Krist said.

"I’m struck with the contrast between my values and the Governor’s. We have two very different sets of priorities and attitudes toward state government. I want tax reform that is fair to the working people of Nebraska. He is committed to carving out tax breaks for his billionaire friends and special interests,” Krist said.

“Pete Ricketts has failed for nearly four years to unite urban and rural senators and find real solutions to the property tax crisis. Frankly, he lacks the leadership skills necessary to move our state forward. He has lost the trust from average Nebraskans,” Krist said.

“I was appointed by a Republican Governor, but upon walking in the doors of the nonpartisan Unicameral, I put my voter registration card away and worked the past 10 years with Democrats, Republicans, and independents to get things done. Every single day for the past decade I’ve been proud to stand in this Chamber, embodied by the nonpartisan leadership that George Norris envisioned,” Krist said.



April 18, 2018

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