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Gun Safety

With this latest horrific murder of school children in Florida, I believe we’re finally seeing movement towards real change that will bring all sides together and lead to sensible and lasting changes to make our country safer from these horrendous acts of gun violence.

During my 21-year career in the United States Air Force, I witnessed firsthand the horrors of war and the inhumanity and brutality inflicted on innocent civilians. Those experiences have given me a unique and sobering perspective on the continued mass shootings across our nation. As governor,  my priority will be to take action and guarantee the safety of our children and all citizens.

In the military, we were trained to assess the battlefield and adjust our mission accordingly. As Chair of the Legislature’s Executive Committee, I led a study that assessed the safety of our State Capitol in Lincoln, working with the State Patrol to provide a threat assessment for the safety of all employees and visitors to the historic building.

I am committed to preserving the rights granted to us in the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution. At the same time, I am in support of limiting the access to assault weapons like the one used in the Florida school massacre. I also support legislation that would ban bump stocks, a device that enables mass shooters to increase their rate of fire that was used in the Las Vegas mass killing last year. We also must concentrate on improving preventive measures such as mental health and criminal history.

We must have a deeper conversation about gun safety in our society, bringing multiple bipartisan interests to the table for a tough, honest assessment of what can be done to stop this madness. You have my word that as your governor, I will do just that.