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Gun Safety Statement

A personal note from Bob and Lynne following the tragic school shooting last Friday.

Thanks to each of you for your comments and questions relating to school safety and our position on firearms. We (Bob and Lynne) wanted to take a few moments today, to expand on our statement from last Friday concerning the latest school tragedy.

First: We must secure our schools. I (Bob) supported legislation passed in 2014 that created a state school security position with duties that included conducting an assessment of the security of each public school building in the state by Aug. 31, 2019. Unfortunately, to date, the Ricketts Administration has only trained about a third of the state’s 244 districts in threat assessment. The Krist–Walz Administration will speed up that process and make it a priority.  

Next: The Second Amendment must be respected, but with that right comes responsibility by the gun owner. Responsibility to be accountable for securing that firearm at all times and to make sure it does not fall into the hands of someone who will use it to inflict harm.

And finally, despite the governor's veto of LB 998, Sen. Walz’s bill to privately fund social workers in each ESU, we are dedicated to moving forward and finding solutions. This program will allow social workers to work directly with the schools to identify students who have behavioral and mental health issues, and provide needed resources and counseling to these students and their families. We know prevention is the key. Therefore, we are continuing discussions with educators, counselors, ESUs and donors to expedite the process as quickly as possible.

We must work together to prevent these terrible and senseless shootings from happening, and eliminating or substantially minimizing any risk to our kids in our schools.


Thank you for connecting with us. And please know we are listening.

Sen. Bob Krist and Sen. Lynne Walz