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Perhaps emblematic of the Ricketts administration attitude toward healthcare is when Governor Ricketts vetoed legislation that would have provided additional mental health services to our students in school at no cost to the taxpayer. 

Ricketts has also said “no” to healthcare coverage for 90,000 Nebraskans who currently do without healthcare or end up in the emergency room, costing all Nebraskans higher insurance premiums to pay for the uncompensated care. He also has reduced access to vital healthcare services like cancer screening for women who receive care through Title X services.

Ricketts has also reduced Medicaid reimbursement rates, forcing the closure of more than thirty nursing homes and threatening the ability of rural hospitals to keep their doors open. Ricketts also opposed pre-natal care to non-documented pregnant women and has scaled back services provided to our special needs community.

This pattern of neglect will change under a Krist-Walz administration.

Senator Walz was the sponsor of the legislation to provide additional mental healthcare services to our students. Senator Krist voted for it.

A Krist-Walz administration will say “yes” to healthcare coverage for 90,000 Nebraskans through Medicaid expansion. They also support Title X healthcare services and will fight to adequately fund these programs.

Krist-Walz will also be strong advocates for our rural health system and understand the need to ensure its financial stability. 

Bob Krist — the proud father of a special needs daughter — understands first-hand the importance the programs servicing our special needs community and will be their strong advocate as their governor.

The difference between the Ricketts administration and a Krist-Walz administration is as clear as night and day: Ricketts offers a pattern of neglect while Krist-Walz offers an aggressive policy agenda to address the healthcare needs of all Nebraskans.