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Nebraska faces challenges in preventing the “brain drain” of young people leaving the state for opportunities in other states. One way to ensure that we are keeping young Nebraskans in our state and attracting people to Nebraska is through a strong University and State College system. Unfortunately, there has never been a governor who is more hostile to higher education in Nebraska than Pete Ricketts.

It is very easy for politicians to pay lip service to higher education, wear red on fall Saturdays, and then fail to deliver on any promises to protect our state colleges and universities, but over the last four years, we have seen even worse than that. Gov. Ricketts has singled out the University of Nebraska system for disproportionate cuts in the state budget, abdicating his responsibility as Governor while he pushed for policies that would line his own pockets.

He has funded organizations that advocated for deep cuts in spending on higher education as well as tuition hikes, and he has followed through on that philosophy as Governor. As state senators, Bob Krist and Lynne Walz fought against deep cuts to university programs, and as Governor and Lt. Governor, they will continue to make sure that our colleges and universities are the pride of our state.

From our world-class University of Nebraska Medical Center to the University of Nebraska campuses in Lincoln, Omaha, and Kearney, to our state colleges in Chadron, Peru, and Wayne, to our community colleges all across the state, Bob and Lynne are committed to affordable and accessible higher education in Nebraska.

There is no better investment that we can make in the future of our state than investing in education. Bob Krist and Lynne Walz are committed to providing a full investment in higher education, and their administration will reverse the course that the Ricketts administration has set through their cuts.