"My campaign for Governor will focus on getting things done with all Nebraskans at the table. I will focus on unity and problem-solving rather than ideology.”

Platform & Priorities

The Need for a Strong, Principled Leader

Problem-solving. Not ideology.

“I’m proud to follow in the tradition of Chris Beutler, Ben Nelson and others who are identified by a political party, but are known first as strong, independent, principled leaders. My core brand is strong, principled leadership. My campaign for governor will focus on getting things done with all Nebraskans at the table.

I pledge to bring all of us together and to focus on unity and problem-solving, not ideology to move our great state forward.”

Sen. Bob Krist

Tax Reform

Bob Krist’s number one priority is finding bipartisan solutions to reducing property taxes across Nebraska, while assuring adequate education funding.

“The tax problem is bigger than just property tax relief, it is restoring the balance between property tax, income tax, and sales tax: the three-legged stool. For the nearly 10 years that I have served in the Nebraska Legislature, all we’ve done is talk about tax reform. I understand it when people say they feel their voices are not being heard. If elected governor, the talking will turn into action. I will get it done.”

Sen. Bob Krist

Prison Reform

High on Senator Krist's list of policy priorities will be a commitment to fix the problems that have plagued the state's prison system.

“I understand the problems with our Department of Corrections. During my time in the Legislature, I’ve served in numerous leadership positions relating to our prison system. I’ve repeatedly encouraged the Governor to understand the urgency of finding lasting solutions to fix the prison system. I understand the overtime issue, I understand the overcrowding issue, and I understand that the time for talk is over. The Governor needs to act now and declare an emergency.”

Sen. Bob Krist

Government Works for Us

We are committed to making our State Government more efficient and hardworking for all Nebraskans. And we must do so without harming the most fragile members of our society. We must look internally for efficiencies and better use of personnel, reduce waste, and identify and stop fraud and abuse. We must commit ourselves to fixing and rebuilding those state agencies who are not effectively responding to the needs of our citizens.