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As Governor and Lt. Governor, Bob Krist and Lynne Walz will strengthen public education in Nebraska. As a state senator, Bob has fought to make sure our schools have the resources they need. As a former teacher at Fremont Public Schools, Lynne knows the challenges our educators and students face.

Bob and Lynne want to treat teachers as partners in the education of our children, not as political enemies. They will turn the page from an administration that is more interested in attacking teachers than supporting students, putting the focus back on the children where it belongs. This is one of the reasons why the Nebraska State Education Association supports the Krist-Walz ticket.

Putting the focus back on educating kids means making sure that the state provides meaningful aid to local school districts, so districts have the resources they need to educate our kids, instead of cutting state aid year after year in order to balance the state’s budget. As local school districts are primarily funded by property tax dollars, overhauling state education aid is also a way we can reduce property taxes.

It means a focus on early childhood education. Studies have shown that pre-K programs have a positive effect on a child’s development both in and out of the classroom. This is why Bob has pledged to champion programs and funding that provide opportunities for all children, regardless of geographic or demographic barriers.

It means investing in the mental health of our students, not only for the general well-being of children across the state but as a school safety issue as well. This is why Lynne introduced LB998, which would have used private donations to fund behavioral health services, particularly in rural school districts, across the state. Despite a strong, bipartisan majority of senators passing the bill, Gov. Pete Ricketts vetoed it.

Nebraskans deserve a Governor and Lt. Governor who will stand up for kids, for parents, for teachers, for public schools, and for taxpayers. Bob Krist and Lynne Walz will be that team.