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New poll shows Ricketts quickly losing support

“A plunge of 15 points in 12 months is not good news, he’s losing the majority of voters.”

LINCOLN, NE – A new poll shows Gov. Pete Ricketts is losing support of a majority of Nebraskans.

According to a new survey released Wednesday from Morning Consult, Gov. Ricketts’ net approval rating has dropped 15 points over the last year. The poll released Wednesday shows 50% approve, 34% disapprove, 12% no opinion. The survey of registered voters was conducted April 1 through June 30. A previous poll from the second quarter of 2017 showed 59% approved and 28% disapproved.

“The more Nebraska voters look at Ricketts' record in office, the less they like him,” said Sen. Bob Krist, a former Republican who is challenging the first term governor of Nebraska.

"A plunge of 15 points in 12 months is not good news, he’s losing the majority of voters. Anytime a sitting governor's approval rating dips below 50% they are in big trouble - and that’s where Ricketts is heading and fast,” Krist said.

“I’ve traveled the state the past year and have heard first hand how disgusted farmers, ranchers and homeowners are with Ricketts inability to solve the property tax crisis. Those feelings are now reflected in polling. It's no wonder that Ricketts is avoiding public debates,” Krist said.

Q2 2017: Approve 59 Disapprove 28 (+31)
Q3 2017: Approve 56 Disapprove 29 (+27)
Q4 2017: Approve 54 Disapprove 28 (+26)
Q1 2018: Approve 53 Disapprove 31 (+22)
Q2 2018: Approve 50 Disapprove 34 (+16)

SOURCE: America’s Most and Least Popular Governors


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