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Bob and Lynne believe that politics should end when governing begins.  That has been their approach while serving as state senators in the Unicameral, and that will be their attitude as your Governor and Lt. Governor.

They understand that no single political party or individual has all the answers; that sound policies reflect the collective wisdom of Nebraskans and that progress often comes as a result of compromise.

“When I served in the Air Force and was planning or flying combat missions in the Middle East,” Krist noted, “we didn’t have a Democratic way or a Republican way to execute the plan. We only thought about how to do it the right way. And that has been my philosophy ever since.”

Unfortunately, the current governor has taken a “my-way-or-the-highway” approach to governing; often attacking and threatening members of the Unicameral if they do not support his policies, and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to defeat those that disagree with him.

Governor Ricketts calculates his decision based on how they will affect his political future and his personal fortune. If people and programs get harmed as result, to him it is of little consequence.

A Krist-Walz administration will help restore the non-partisan philosophy to the Unicameral; an approach that served Nebraska well for over a century. And they will have a blind-eye to partisanship when it comes to nominating judges, hiring a cabinet, and developing and executing government policies. The bottom line for all decisions will be based on one concern: is this good for the people of Nebraska?