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Sen. Lynne Walz says Gov. Ricketts is out of touch with women of Nebraska

“In the Krist/Walz administration, women will be supported, respected, and harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated”

LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Lynne Walz of Fremont, candidate for Nebraska Lt. Governor, said today that the Krist/Walz administration will support and protect women in the workplace from harassment and discrimination.

“Women should be treated with respect and dignity in the workplace, they should not – under any circumstance – be expected to endure harassment or discrimination, and no person should work in state government who either condones, ignores or would allow this kind of behavior,” Walz said.

“In the Krist/Walz administration, women will be supported, respected, and harassment and discrimination will not be tolerated,” she said.

“Unfortunately, under the Ricketts administration, this has not always been the case. Time and again, the Ricketts administration has been out of touch with the women of Nebraska and indifferent to claims of discrimination and harassment. 

Let me give you just three examples,” Walz said.

1. Max Kelch, an appointee by Pete Ricketts to the Nebraska Supreme Court, resigned amidst accusations of sexual misconduct and inappropriate workplace harassment.

2. Pete Ricketts’ former administrative assistant was fired from her job. She was told that her position had been eliminated due to budget cuts – but then was replaced with another woman four decades younger.

3. The decision by Gov. Ricketts to appoint Brad Rice to lead the State Patrol was shocking and turned out to be a terrible decision. Ricketts said about Rice, “I know his integrity will direct his decisions as he works with patrol members across the state to protect public safety.” But Brad Rice turned out to be anything but a person of integrity.  

He made comments that women did not belong in law enforcement.  

He violated the agency's workplace harassment and equal opportunity policies.  

He allowed women to be subjected to invasive physical exams.  

He inappropriately interfered with internal affairs investigations.    

“It was truly horrible. Several senators said at the time that the confirmation was a mistake. Some of those who sounded the warnings were my colleagues standing here with me today. In fact, my running mate, Bob Krist, saw that the appointment was problematic, warned the governor not to make the appointment, and voted against it,” Walz said.

“I stand here today to not cast blame, but to offer contrast, not to look backwards, but to learn from the past and look to the future. I assure you that the Krist-Walz administration will be different,” Walz said.

The Krist-Walz administration will make sure that allegations of sexual harassment in government are taken seriously. The Krist-Walz administration will listen to all Nebraskans, and with all due diligence approach every situation, every appointment, every aspect of state government with the utmost of care so that all women, and all people have a safe workplace free of harassment and discrimination,” she said.

“As your next Governor and Lieutenant Governor, we will work with you to move Nebraska forward towards a New Nebraska, for women and for all Nebraskans,” Walz said.

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