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State Troopers Association of Nebraska endorses Sen. Bob Krist for Governor

“Sen. Krist is the Governor we need to protect public safety and support the hardworking men and women of our state patrol.”

LINCOLN, NE – The State Troopers Association of Nebraska announced today their endorsement of Sen. Bob Krist for governor.

“We are supporting Bob Krist for Governor. Bob Krist is a combat veteran, who strongly supports law enforcement and will provide the leadership we need to manage state government effectively, and help keep the citizens of Nebraska safe,” said Brian Petersen, President of the State Troopers Association of Nebraska.

“Sen. Krist is the Governor we need to protect public safety and support the hardworking men and women of our State Patrol. Our State Troopers work hard in a dangerous, demanding job. They deserve leadership that is accountable and responsible, not a governor who passes the buck and tries to place the blame on rank-and-file who are just doing their job. Accountability and transparency starts at the top. It's time for a governor who understands the needs of the State Patrol and wants to work with us in the interest of public safety,” Petersen said.

“I am honored by the support of the Nebraska State Troopers Association. I know that going against the incumbent governor is not an easy thing to do, but it speaks to the urgency of this campaign and the moment. We are gaining momentum every day, from all corners of the state,” Krist said.

“Our campaign is supported by the membership of the Nebraska AFL-CIO, the Omaha Federation of Labor, the Professional Firefighters, the Nebraska Association of Public Employees, and many other hard-working union members across the state who want a governor who will look out for working families, not Wall Street donors.”

“Teachers across this state support our campaign because we believe in the importance of strong public schools, unlike the current governor.”

“We have gained the support of farmers and ranchers with the support of the Farmers Union and Independent Cattlemen of Nebraska (ICON), who are fed up with the governor's inaction on property tax reform.”

“We have the support of the four Native American independent Nations in Nebraska who have seen this administration turn a blind eye to Native American issues.”

“And we have the support of independent-thinking Nebraskans who are looking for a change from the current culture of partisan bickering in this administration and legislature.”

“I'm asking for your vote to restore independent leadership to the Governor's Office in Nebraska,” Krist said.



October 11, 2018 
Contact: Dan Parsons
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