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Sen. Bob Krist to Gov. Ricketts: Protect our Economy, Defend Nebraska Agriculture - Tell VP Pence to Stop Trade War Talk

“Trade war would be devastating to Nebraska Agriculture”

LINCOLN, NE – Sen. Bob Krist, candidate for Nebraska governor, said today that President Trump’s threats to start a global trade war would be devastating to Nebraska’s economy and called on Gov. Pete Ricketts to lobby Vice President Mike Pence to stop the Administration’s threats. Vice President Pence is in Nebraska today campaigning for Gov. Ricketts.

“President Trump’s threats to start a global trade war would be devastating to Nebraska agriculture, the number one exporter of beef and one of the top exporter of corn and dried distillers,” Krist said.

“Gov. Ricketts, on behalf of Nebraska cattle producers and farmers, tell Vice President Pence to stop Trump’s foolhardy and dangerous threats to our farmers and ranchers’ livelihoods. Protect our economy, defend Nebraska agriculture,” Krist said.

“With his inability to solve the property tax crisis, Gov. Ricketts is losing trust from Nebraskans who work the land and raise livestock, “ Krist said.

“As Governor and strong supporter of the Trump Administration, Gov. Ricketts has an opportunity to influence the President on this most important issue to Nebraska farmers and ranchers.”  

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Nebraska topped all other U.S. states for beef exports in 2017 for a second year in a row, exporting $1.26 billion worth of beef. In all, Nebraska’s $6.4 billion in agricultural exports in 2015 translate into $7.8 billion in additional economic activity in Nebraska.

“Trust is the most important commodity in agriculture, and President Trump is messing with some of our most important agricultural trade partners,” Krist said.

“Although Nebraskans supported President Trump in the last election, Gov. Ricketts should tell Vice President Pence that Nebraska will not forget selling us down the river over a foolish trade war,” Krist said.


March 6, 2018

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