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Sen. Bob Krist accepts Gov. Ricketts Wayne State College debate, but only if statewide TV coverage and moderated by media

Also Challenges Gov. to Scottsbluff Property Tax Debate

LINCOLN, NE – The Bob Krist for Governor Campaign, today agreed to Gov. Ricketts invitation to a September 21 debate at Wayne State College, but only if Ricketts agrees that the event be broadcast by one of the state’s major television stations and that it be moderated by media representatives.

In a letter dated today to the organizer, the Wayne Area Economic Development Chamber, the Krist campaign said:

“We are committed to participating in five debates, including one focused solely on property taxes. We believe these debates must be viewed by the largest audiences possible, therefore, we encourage you to partner with one of the major television stations, Nebraska Educational TV/Radio, KETV (ABC) Omaha, or KTIV TV (NBC) Sioux City. All three stations have expressed interested in sponsoring a live broadcast television debate.

“Based on previous correspondence in which you indicated the Nebraska Republican Party executive director and the manager of the Ricketts campaign encouraged you to organize this debate, naturally we are concerned that this debate be conducted in a fair and impartial manner. Therefore, we believe that only agreed-upon members of the media must serve as moderator and ask questions of the candidates. Not only would this ensure a meaningful and open discussion of the issues facing Nebraska, but it removes any doubt about impartiality,” the Krist campaign said.

“If you are able to arrange for a major television network to broadcast the debate, and if you agree that only credentialed members of the media will serve as moderator and on the panel that will ask questions of the candidates, and if we can reach agreement on the rules of the debate, we would be happy to participate.”

In a separate letter to the Ricketts campaign, also dated today, the Krist campaign renewed it’s request for a third debate devoted exclusively to the topic of property taxes.

“Sen. Krist has heard loud and clear from farmers, ranchers and other property owners throughout Nebraska, and especially in the Western part of the state, that property taxes are out of control and something must be done. We propose a debate be held in Scottsbluff, where property taxes have increased by 64.64% over the past decade, an increase on average of $4,259.76 per household.”

“We propose that this debate be fairly moderated by journalists, and broadcast statewide by television and radio. KOLN/KGIN TV, WOWT and their umbrella organization, the Gray Television Network, has expressed interest in such a debate. Their stations are located from border to border - Omaha, Lincoln, Hastings, North Platte, and Scottsbluff.”

“We challenge the Governor to step up to the microphone and television cameras and defend his record on the most important issue of this campaign, property taxes.”



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August 13, 2018
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